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Store Locator

An innovative solution for enterprises wanting to display the stores/location on map for users. This plugin features a well designed dashboard for all your needs. Custom solutions available.

Build Your Online Presence

Works on any website

Do you have stores located across the United States? Or maybe you offer your products in a variety of locations?

With our easy-to-use store locator - powered by TotalHousehold Pro - your customers can quickly find you conveniently and on the go. The store locator works on any website (authorized) irrespective of the platform they are built on such as wordpres, zoomla, drupal, godaddy website builder etc.

Content Served at ligtning speeds

Integrated with Google Maps

User location retrieval

Map / Pin Animation

Locations sorted by distance

Works independently

Increased Visibility

Let your customers find you.
With our store locator, customers can quickly and easily find your products at the nearest store or dealer. They simply just need to type their location in the tool, and will be able to see all of the points in which they can purchase your product. Generate new leads by simply registering your location!

Build Local Presence

Build your presence as you build your business.
Our store locator not only attracts more customers to your store, it also builds a strong local presence as part of your search engine optimization strategy. We help you select the perfect keywords and search phrases for your store / product locator to cement your business in results for the local area.

Encourage Purchases

Make it easy as possible to buy your product or service.
Your company can encourage purchases by providing customers with an easy way to locate your store or product. Whether they purchase it in-store or online through our merchant services, the payment process is make quick and simple.

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