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Upcycled Furniture That Is Functional For Your Home

Upcycled Furniture That Is Functional For Your Home

We all know about standard recycling, but what about upcycling? As the green movement presses on, more and more DIY homeowners and businesses are tuning into the quirky possibilities that come with upcycling old products and materials. One company in particular is dedicated to transforming waste into unique and functional design.

Transfodesign is a European design company that works to give old materials a second life as well as help transform lifestyles, people and policies through their upcycled creations. Transfodesign offers a variety of home furniture designs that are made from outdated objects, natural elements, and construction debris.

Transfodesign’s Barrel Chair is made of what you would expect —beer barrels. Two chairs can be created from just one large barrel helping to reduce waste. The bases of these stools are made from a smaller type of barrel. To create a finished and functional look the chairs are polished and designed to rotate. The chair is available in its original color or it can be painted to fit your style.

Transfodesign has also upcycled old bicycle parts to create the Hawaii hanging lamp. This idea was inspired by a pile of old bicycle wheels that had been discarded at a repair shop. The bike parts were reassembled and still maintain their original shape and finish.

So now we know what bikes and barrels can be transformed into, but what about an old, burnt out fridge? Tranfodesign has made this non-recyclable object into a functional and modern sofa. A flexible reading lamp that held the original fridge lamp and a metal base with wheels were added for style and mobility. The edgy cushions were also upcycled and fashioned from a discarded PVC banner.

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If you’re interested in going green on a larger scale find a local green home contractor to transform your house into an eco-friendly and energy efficient home.

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